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I guess I am, Mom! :)

Ritha Spitz

Are you expecting to much, from the Nju jock tjams??


Thank you, Linnea! And thanks for reading!


Hello Swedish Freak - I think that among friends, peers, colleagues, compatriots, "getting lazy" may be okay... If the people involved know what they're talking about from the context, then leaving out some letters just one more way we adapt a tool to meet our needs. (In English we might use "r" instead of "are" for example). But I think that the New York Times has a different responsibility...


I agree with you 100 %!

Swedish Freak

I admit, I get lazy and don't add these when chatting with friends. Not sure what the practice is in Sweden. In Czech, it is standard that during typing online you just use English letters. That is leaving out almost 10 czech letters!


Hee ha, tu troo!

Michael Peter Edson

Snap! New York Times - - you have just been _served_!


Nju jork tajms rajter iss nått so gådd inn Suedish...

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