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April 05, 2010



It sure does seem remote to me! As the third-largest city in Siberia it lies 2,000 miles or so east of Moscow! But to the 948,500 people who live there (according to Wikipedia) I guess we're the ones that seem remote.

I do think it's amazing to think that, in spite of the distances between them, all these Caps players (and their counterparts on the other very international NHL teams) are really from the same region - the northern one -, and share at least one thing - ice hockey - as a result.

Michael Edson

I love this map!
It's like a ring of fire around the north pole with everyone around the same latitude. And jeez does it make me wonder about some of the towns these guys come from. Krasnojarsk, Russia (Alexander Semin's hometown) looks beautiful - - and seems incredibly remote.

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